FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong
FlexiSpot E8 Oval 圓腳電動升降桌 - IFCO Hong Kong

FlexiSpot E8 Oval Shaped Leg Electric Standing Desk

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暖白 1200 x 600mm
胡桃木紋1200 x 600mm
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Product Description

FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

Product Features

  • Smooth oval-shaped design provides higher safety.
  • SPCC steel used in automobiles is adopted to enhance the sense of beauty and strength.
  • Equipped with dual motors that have passed UKCA certification, providing fast and quiet lifting and lowering functions.
  • Comes with a standard cable management system to keep your desktop tidy.
  • Multi-function full touch control panel, USB ports with charging function for convenient charging of mobile phones, desk lamps and other devices.
  • The memory function can preset multiple heights for easy switching.
  • The obstacle detection function can stop working immediately to protect objects or hands.
  • Exclusive 1200 * 600 mm wooden desktop!!!!If you need other sizes, please contact customer service.
  • Flexispot Hong Kong exclusive agent, 5-year warranty!!!!
FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

Oval-Shaped Legs

In consideration of safety, the leg pillars adopt a smooth oval design. Since there are no sharp corners, the risk of injury is reduced even in the event of a collision, so you can install and use it with peace of mind even if you have small children at home. The leg pillars are made of SPCC steel used in automobiles, achieving both a sense of design and improved strength.

FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

Frame is Fast, Quiet, and Sturdy

FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

Equipped with Dual Motors that have passed UKCA Certification

FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

Comes with a Standard Cable Management System

    FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk


    Multi-Function Full Touch Control Panel

    USB ports with charging function: Can be used to charge mobile phones, desk lamps, etc., which is very convenient for office use. Memory function: You can preset and memorize multiple height settings in advance. Lock function: Equipped with a lock function to prevent accidental operation. Obstacle detection function: Equipped with an obstacle detection function, it can stop working immediately when an object or hand is trapped.

    FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

    Affinity with the Feeling of Life

    Whether it is Western or Japanese style, regardless of the family members, it has a magical sense of presence that harmonizes with various environments. Its relaxed curve beauty can bring a harmonious effect to the living space. Every time you see its simple and modern appearance, it feels like a natural park has appeared in your city life, making you feel happy and comfortable.

    FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

    Starting with "Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle"

    Our goal is to protect the global environment and pursue a healthy and safe life, realizing a sustainable lifestyle in which humans and the earth can coexist. We are committed to using E8 materials that have a lower environmental impact and focusing on a healthy and sustainable social life.

    FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

    A Customizable, Clean Workstation

    FlexiSpot's clean, minimalist design can also be customized to suit your needs: choose the desktop material and leg color that suits your home, office, or home office, showcasing an outstanding look.


    Product Specifications

    Motor: Dual motor
    Lifting column: Three-section oval-shaped positive-mounted legs
    Lifting range: 60-125 cm (excluding table top height)
    Left and right leg extension: 110-190 cm
    Applicable table top size: 120-200 cm (width) x 60-90 cm (depth)
    Load-bearing range: 0-125 kg
    Lifting speed: 38mm/s
    Lifting volume: <50dB
    Maintenance mode: Quick-install version

    E8 table leg specifications:
    Foot width adjustment range: 110-190 cm
    Lifting range: 60-125 cm
    Load capacity: 125 kg
    Foot stage: 3 stages (positive mounted legs)
    Functions: USB, memory, lock, obstacle detection
    Panel type: Touch panel

    FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk

    HS13B-1 Specifications:
    Anti-collision function: Yes
    Memory preset: Yes
    Child lock: Yes
    Interval timer: No
    LED touch screen: Yes
    Power saving display: Yes

    FlexiSpot E8 Oval shaped electric standing desk


    Dimensions and Colors

    1. More tabletop sizes and colors can be customized. Please contact customer service for details.
    2. The IFCO store provides a variety of tabletop color swatches to choose from. Welcome to visit IFCO store for more options.
    3. We offer drilling services for the tabletop. The fee for a round hole is $100, and $400 for square hole. By default, the hole will be positioned in the upper right corner of the tabletop. For additional customization options, please inquire with our customer service.
    4. The corners of the table top can be chamfered, and the price is 110% of the original price. For details, please consult the service first.
    5. The core of the table top wood board can be upgraded from particle board to high-quality plywood, and the price will be adjusted according to the size.
    IFCO Standing Desk Color Swatches
    IFCO Standing Desk Color Swatches


    Delivery Method

    What are the delivery and installation charges?

    Free delivery & assembly available for order purchased over HK$1,000(Installation service available for desk and chair products only); a basic Fee of delivery & assembly HK$200 required for order purchase amount under HK$1,000. 


    Do large furniture products have a delivery fee?

    For some large furniture products such as wall beds, sofas, dining tables, storage cabinets, etc., orders over $5,000 are eligible for free delivery and installation services. If the order amount does not reach the specified threshold, a delivery and installation fee of HKD $200 will be charged.


    When will the delivery be made after placing an order?

    "In stock" products delivery is usually scheduled within 14 working days after the order placed. Products ordering generally take 3-6 weeks. Delivery service available from Monday to Saturday between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM, and no delivery service on Sundays and public holidays.


    Expedited Delivery Service

    If you require expedited delivery, we can assist in arranging same day van delivery service. Please note that the car delivery service does not include on-site installation. Customers will need to receive and install the items themselves. Additional charges is needed for the car delivery service, and for more details, please contact our customer service.


    How long does it take to order a product?

    Generally take 3-6 weeks. These include products that are out of stock, customized colors or sizes, and bulk purchases. Feel free to contact our customer service for estimated delivery times.


    What is the delivery service coverage?

    Free delivery and installation services cover Kowloon, New Territories, Hong Kong Island, Tung Chung, and Ma Wan. However, Discovery Bay and outlying islands are not included. An additional fee of HK$250 is required for deliveries to Discovery Bay.


    Can I specify the delivery date and time?

    Customers can specify the delivery date by filling in the "Remarks" section during the online checkout process or by contacting our customer service. We will do our best to accommodate your request.


    Can I change the delivery time or address of my order?

    Please contact customer service at least two working days before the delivery date. Once an order has been shipped out, no further changes can be made. In such cases, additional administrative fees may apply for re-arranging the delivery. If the customer is not present during the agreed delivery time, a re-delivery will incur an additional fee of HK$200.


    Any additional charges for carrying items up stairs?

    If there is no elevator in the building or if the purchased items cannot be transported via the elevator and need to be carried up stairs, customers are responsible for paying the stair-charge. Each set of six step of stairs is counted as one floor, and a fee of $80 is charged per floor. Starting from the fourth floor, the fee is doubled for each subsequent floor. For the eighth floor and above, please contact customer service for further arrangements.


    Any additional charges if parking fee is needed?

    If parking fees are required at the delivery location, the customer is responsible for paying the fees.


    Under what circumstances will the delivery service be interrupted?

    Delayed delivery may occur if the address or phone number provided is incorrect. Delivery services may also be delayed, suspended, or canceled due to a typhoon signal of eight or above, a black rainstorm warning, or other force majeure clauses. In such cases, re-delivery arrangements will be made.


    How can I contact IFCO for delivery and after-sales support?

    Feel free to call 2331 3720 / 2331 3996 or email cs@ifco.com.hk during our customer service hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

    Showroom Address

    If you have any inquiries, please call 2626 1666, WhatsApp 5408 7007, or email info@ifco.com.hk


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    Quotation & Customize

    IFCO maintains close partnerships with SME and institutions in various industries in Hong Kong, providing office furniture and home furniture products and quotations, including custom-made furniture, interior design, renovation services and product consultation services. Special discounted prices can be offered based on the circumstances.

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