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Explore IFCO's commercial office chairs and computer chair product series. Create your comfortable and healthy working environment. IFCO scours for the finest, comfortable, and affordable office chairs and computer chair products, providing the best support and protection for your bodies, safeguarding your back spine and lumbar, correct your posture. Welcome to visit the IFCO showrooms in Kwun Tong, Sha Tin, or Jordan. for bulk purchases or quotation inquiries from Hong Kong SME, please feel free to reach our customer service for further assistance.
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Shopping Guide

[Office Computer Chairs] Office Chairs Buying Guide | Ergonomic Office Chair | IFCO Deco Hong Kong's Ergonomic Expert

Ergonomics expert IFCO teaches you the differences between office chairs, computer chairs, ergonomic chairs.


In modern Hong Kong offices, employees typically spend long hours sitting on office chairs or computer chairs. Therefore, it is undoubtedly crucial to choose a good office chair or computer chair to protect the health of employees. Ergonomic office chairs and computer chairs that conform to ergonomic principles can provide proper support and comfort, reducing the problems associated with prolonged sitting.

Differences between Ergonomic Chairs and Regular Office Chairs

As experts in ergonomic chairs in Hong Kong, IFCO believes that there are significant differences between ergonomic chairs and regular office chairs or computer chairs. In fact, we intentionally differentiate these two types of products.

Ergonomic office chairs typically have multiple adjustable features that can be customized according to individual needs, ensuring correct posture and conformity to the body's curves. These features include seat height adjustment, backrest adjustment, armrest height and angle adjustment, lumbar support, and more. Through these adjustments, ergonomic chairs can provide proper support, reduce spinal and muscular pressure, and promote proper sitting posture.

In contrast, regular office chairs are more affordable and offer basic functionality. They usually only have basic height adjustment and lack other advanced features and adjustment mechanisms. However, regular office chairs still provide basic support and comfort, suitable for general office environments and short-term use.

Therefore, when choosing an office chair, if you prioritize ergonomics and the comfort of prolonged sitting, then an ergonomic chair is a wise choice. They offer more adjustment features and personalized options to ensure your health and comfort. However, if you have a limited budget or only require basic support, a regular office chair is sufficient for general office needs.

Regardless of which chair you choose, remember that adopting good posture and ergonomic principles is crucial. It will help reduce health issues associated with prolonged sitting and improve work efficiency.

The Importance of Ergonomics

Today, the majority of people in Hong Kong spend most of their time in offices, and within the office, a significant portion is spent sitting on office chairs or computer chairs. Prolonged sitting in the same position can accelerate intervertebral disc degeneration. Intervertebral discs are important cushioning tissues located between the vertebral bones, playing a key role in bearing body weight and reducing spinal pressure.

If you work for long hours on a chair that does not adhere to ergonomic principles, it can lead to various health issues such as lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, and wrist pain. This is because incorrect sitting posture results in improper distribution of body weight, leading to muscle fatigue and discomfort. Furthermore, prolonged sitting can also accelerate the degeneration of intervertebral disc tissues, further causing spinal problems. Insufficient lubrication and nutrition to the intervertebral discs, due to pressure concentrated in specific areas, can lead to issues like lower back pain and sciatica.

Therefore, choosing an office chair that adheres to ergonomic principles is crucial for the health of office employees. Such chairs can provide proper support, reduce bodily pressure, and ensure correct sitting posture. When choosing an office chair, consider personal needs, functionality, and budget, and engage in test sitting and seek professional advice.

For more information about ergonomic office chairs, please click here.


Factors to Consider When Buying Office Chairs or Computer Chairs

When selecting office or computer chairs, there are several key factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right chair that meets the needs and health requirements of your employees.

  1. Budget

    The first consideration is the budget. Determine the budget range you can allocate for purchasing office chairs, as this helps narrow down the options. For corporate purchases, suppliers may sometimes offer discounted prices or bulk discounts, which are worth considering. Negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best price and terms.
  2. Comfort and Breathability

    Comfort is a crucial factor when choosing office chairs. The chair should provide good cushioning and back support to alleviate pressure and ensure a comfortable sitting posture. Additionally, breathability is also important. Choosing chairs with breathable materials can ensure comfort during long periods of use.
  3. Adjustability

    Office chairs should have a certain degree of adjustability to accommodate different body needs and preferences. This includes seat height adjustment, back support adjustment, armrest height and angle adjustment, and the presence of lumbar support. These adjustable features ensure that everyone can find the most suitable sitting posture, reducing pressure and discomfort.
  4. Ergonomic Design

    Office chairs should be designed with reference to ergonomic principles. The frame and base design should meet ergonomic requirements. Therefore, choosing office chairs that adhere to ergonomic principles is crucial. The design of office or computer chairs should conform to the curves and postures of the human body, providing proper support and reducing stress on the bones and muscles. Such design can reduce health issues caused by prolonged sitting and enhance comfort and efficiency in work. If you have specific ergonomic requirements, you should choose ergonomic office chair products.

IFCO Deco Ergonomic Chair Experts with Showrooms in Kwun Tong, Sha Tin, and Jordan

IFCO Deco is a professional brand that offers ergonomic office chairs and general office chairs. They specialize in ergonomic office chairs, height-adjustable desks, and office furniture, with 13 years of establishment in Hong Kong. They have always prioritized a people-centric approach and are experts in ergonomic products.

IFCO Deco offers a variety of styles and choices, providing suitable office chair options based on individual needs. Whether it's in terms of price, functionality, or comfort, IFCO Deco can offer choices that meet your requirements. Additionally, they provide professional services and warranties to ensure customer satisfaction.

Currently, IFCO has showrooms in Kwun Tong, Sha Tin, and Jordan. If possible, it's recommended to visit and try sitting on the office chairs before making a purchase to evaluate their comfort and adjustability. Trying them out in person is a crucial step as it ensures the comfort and suitability of the office chair. Sit on the chair, feel the cushioning, back support, and overall feel of the chair, and check if it aligns with your personal preferences and needs. Everyone has different body types and preferences, so trying out office chairs can help you determine if they are suitable for your needs.


Lastly, when choosing office chairs, it's important to analyze and consider individual needs and budget. Choose a chair that adheres to ergonomic principles, provides good cushioning and back support, and has breathable materials. It should also have a certain degree of adjustability, such as seat height, back support, armrest, and lumbar support adjustments, to meet different body needs and preferences. An office chair that provides comfortable support will help protect your physical health and improve work efficiency. By paying attention to key factors and making wise choices based on individual needs, we hope you canfind the perfect ergonomic office chair that suits your requirements.