Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅 - IFCO Hong Kong
Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅 - IFCO Hong Kong
Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅 - IFCO Hong Kong
Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅 - IFCO Hong Kong
Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅 - IFCO Hong Kong
Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅 - IFCO Hong Kong
Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅 - IFCO Hong Kong
Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅 - IFCO Hong Kong

Doku 單座位仿皮梳化扶手椅

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Product Description

精美木工是由FAS級白蠟木精心製作而成,以其美麗而精細的紋理而聞名。 為了增強其自然魅力,木材採用了富有光澤的油基聚氨酯進行飾面,呈現出豐富的核桃色調。 這種飾面不僅突顯了木材的固有美感,還確保了其耐用性和長壽性。

安裝孔蓋巧妙地設計有模塑磁鐵。 這個聰明的創新起到了雙重作用:它巧妙地隱藏了安裝螺絲,同時為椅子帶來了現代而時尚的外觀。

Doku休閒梳化扶手椅的座椅採用了厚實的5公分高密度造型泡棉填充物。 這種慷慨的填充物確保舒適的坐姿體驗,並賦予座椅視覺上充實和良好支撐的外觀。 椅子採用環保的超細纖維皮革進行裝飾,提供對皮膚友好的舒適感,確保舒適性和可持續性。 椅子的整體尺寸,加上寬大的扶手,從各個角度提供了異常舒適和支撐。




框架: 美國FAS級白蠟木,油性染料,核桃色;
織物裝飾:卡其色超細纖維皮革(超細纖維皮革是超細纖維聚氨酯(PU)合成仿皮革的縮寫。超細纖維皮革是一種合成皮革,這種材料是超細纖維無紡 布塗覆一層高性能聚氨酯樹脂。超細纖維皮革是高級合成材質,完美地複製了真皮的手感、透氣性和吸濕性等特點。超細纖維皮革的性能,包括化學和耐磨性、抗皺 、耐老化等方面,優於真皮。)
整體尺寸: 760 x 760 x 780 mm
座位高度: 45 mm
座位尺寸500 x 480 mm
背部高度: 500mm
Doku Faux Leather Sofa Armchair

Delivery Method

What are the delivery and installation charges?

Free delivery & assembly available for order purchased over HK$1,000(Installation service available for desk and chair products only); a basic Fee of delivery & assembly HK$200 required for order purchase amount under HK$1,000. 


Do large furniture products have a delivery fee?

For some large furniture products such as wall beds, sofas, dining tables, storage cabinets, etc., orders over $5,000 are eligible for free delivery and installation services. If the order amount does not reach the specified threshold, a delivery and installation fee of HKD $200 will be charged.


When will the delivery be made after placing an order?

"In stock" products delivery is usually scheduled within 14 working days after the order placed. Products ordering generally take 3-6 weeks. Delivery service available from Monday to Saturday between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM, and no delivery service on Sundays and public holidays.


Expedited Delivery Service

If you require expedited delivery, we can assist in arranging same day van delivery service. Please note that the car delivery service does not include on-site installation. Customers will need to receive and install the items themselves. Additional charges is needed for the car delivery service, and for more details, please contact our customer service.


How long does it take to order a product?

Generally take 3-6 weeks. These include products that are out of stock, customized colors or sizes, and bulk purchases. Feel free to contact our customer service for estimated delivery times.


What is the delivery service coverage?

Free delivery and installation services cover Kowloon, New Territories, Hong Kong Island, Tung Chung, and Ma Wan. However, Discovery Bay and outlying islands are not included. An additional fee of HK$250 is required for deliveries to Discovery Bay.


Can I specify the delivery date and time?

Customers can specify the delivery date by filling in the "Remarks" section during the online checkout process or by contacting our customer service. We will do our best to accommodate your request.


Can I change the delivery time or address of my order?

Please contact customer service at least two working days before the delivery date. Once an order has been shipped out, no further changes can be made. In such cases, additional administrative fees may apply for re-arranging the delivery. If the customer is not present during the agreed delivery time, a re-delivery will incur an additional fee of HK$200.


Any additional charges for carrying items up stairs?

If there is no elevator in the building or if the purchased items cannot be transported via the elevator and need to be carried up stairs, customers are responsible for paying the stair-charge. Each set of six step of stairs is counted as one floor, and a fee of $80 is charged per floor. Starting from the fourth floor, the fee is doubled for each subsequent floor. For the eighth floor and above, please contact customer service for further arrangements.


Any additional charges if parking fee is needed?

If parking fees are required at the delivery location, the customer is responsible for paying the fees.


Under what circumstances will the delivery service be interrupted?

Delayed delivery may occur if the address or phone number provided is incorrect. Delivery services may also be delayed, suspended, or canceled due to a typhoon signal of eight or above, a black rainstorm warning, or other force majeure clauses. In such cases, re-delivery arrangements will be made.


How can I contact IFCO for delivery and after-sales support?

Feel free to call 2331 3720 / 2331 3996 or email during our customer service hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Showroom Address

If you have any inquiries, please call 2626 1666, WhatsApp 5408 7007, or email


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