About Us:

IFCO Corporation Limited is a Hong Kong-based furniture-focused company specialized in design, development, sourcing, quality control, compliance, logistics and managing all the global requirements for different clients around the world.

With more than 15 years experience of Asian sourcing, supply chain & product / factory risk management serving for global brands, big-box retailers, online retailers, wholesalers, importers and distribution channels in North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia, our mission is committed to achieving the international standards and meeting customer’s requirements with competitive pricingtrustworthy quality and reliable delivery in a transparent supply chain environment.

Our dedicated team of product specialists / QAs / QCs are stationed in Southern and Northern China, staying closed with the production base to oversee the factories’ and sub-contractors’ daily operations, to prevent and overcome all kinds of potential problem and ad hoc issues.  Leveraging their close ties with suppliers to offer inside knowledge that helps customers to make informed buying decisions in time.  We are here to help our customers to save their managing time and overhead cost to set up a team in Asia, let them focus on what they like to do and what they are specialized in.

Our Values:

Trust, Transparency and Integrity is our main core values for the company’s healthy development.  We proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations. We seek to constantly maintain a professional demeanor despite facing critical decisions while conducting business.  The time and effort put into every project is true to our mission of delivering superior results in a professional manner.  We offer a completely transparent supply chain with no hidden costs or unreported compensation for work.  Our customers are encouraged to visit the factories and sub-contractors with whom we work on their behalf.  Under our responsible management and supervision through the supply chain, we do not allow any party to cut corners behind our customers and we ensure the final product is the same as the design image and sample that you’ve seen and pre-approved i.e. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).  We believe that the integrity and transparent partnership is the foundation to build mutual trust and long-term win-win relationship with our customers.

 I.F.C.O. is what we do & what we are


We responsibly manage the entire supply chain from end to end serving international markets from on-line retailers and local distributers to big-box chain stores and global brands, from New Zealand, Australia and Asia to Europe and America.  

We develop products for our customers no matter they come with a specific direction or need us to help in conceptualizing and engineering products, we are there every step of the way to make the abstract idea turn into practically sellable product.  We also innovate in designing the best supply chain solutions to optimize pricing, quality, quantity, construction and delivery of products, enhancing speed to market.  We believe that never-ending innovation differentiates your products from competitors and give ever-lasting momentum to the business growth especially in such a fast-paced era.


We recognized that furniture supply chain management is not as easily managed as it looks like, from initially as design, prototyping, engineering, material selecting, product testing to cost analysis, production, packaging, quality control, logistics and inventory management.  You will easily see “back-fire” if you have anything misevaluated or overlooked in any process.  We stay focused on furniture products, such as Home Office, Office Chair, Dining, Living room, Sofa, Kids’ furniture and Outdoor furniture.  With our professional and extensive experience in furniture industry, we speak the same “language” with our customers, find out the most effective solution and give the best advice to get the problem resolved. 


We respect and work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs.  We are objective and understand that every customer could be very different, and have different specific requirements as minor as assembly instruction book, packaging material & shipping mark or as major as product design, product testing, factory audit, sustainability program and other regional compliance requirements.   Having collaborated with customer in different aspects and we source the right products from the right suppliers in different locations.  We evaluate and coordinate all the suppliers in the supply-chain based on their capability to supply the products, consolidation among different factories could be also arranged if necessary.


We have a hands-on approach to managing every aspect of the supply chain from concept to completion.  As we all know, anything can go wrong in every minute at the factory level from sample making, mass production, product testing, logistics, etc.  Distance communication is a very time-consuming and painful process especially with long distance and cultural difference.  Our regional teammates stay closed with the production base to oversee and overcome all the issues and errors professionally to ensure all different factories are on track to meet our customers’ need with commitment to quality, safety and compliance.  Our customer can save a large amount of fixed cost overhead and time for setting up office in Asia, hiring & managing staff, dealing with local government and taxation issue, etc.