FlexiSpot is US brand which leading the kinetic furniture movement across the world.
With advanced design and technology, we make furniture that's as seamless, sturdy, and eco-conscious as it is homey and comfortable.
Work has evolved, and so have we. It's time our furniture evolved, too. FlexiSpot is pioneering a boldly comfortable vision of the future, with kinetic furniture that's never stuck in one place or position.
  • 排序方式:精選
  • 暢銷度
  • 依字母順序(由 A 到 Z)
  • 依字母順序(由 Z 到 A)
  • 價格 (從低到高)
  • 價格 (從高到低)
  • 日期 (從舊到新)
  • 日期 (從新到舊)